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An Ohio commercial lease agreement is between a property owner and a business entity electing to rent industrial, office, or retail-related space. A lease agreement is usually longer than one (1) year (usually a three (3) to five (5) year initial term) due to the amount of money it takes for the business entity to generate sufficient income. A lease agreement can be designed to suit the needs of both parties, and there are three (3) varieties from which the tenant and landlord can choose (listed below).

  • Triple Net (NNN) – An agreement where the tenant pays a rental amount plus all the expenses, including the real estate taxes and insurance on the property.
  • Modified Gross – The tenant pays a monthly amount plus a portion of the expenses and real estate taxes and insurance on the property.
  • Gross – The tenant only pays a monthly amount to the landlord. All expenses and fees related to the property are paid by the landlord.

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Ohio Secretary of State Business Search – Can be used to research the business entity applying to rent commercial real estate.