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South Dakota Sublease Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A South Dakota sublease agreement is for tenants seeking to leave a property or rent a portion of a property they currently have under agreement with a landlord. The person looking to rent from the tenant is known as the ‘Sublessee’ and the tenant the ‘Sublessor.’ Most standard agreements do not allow subletting without the written permission of the landlord or property manager.

If consent is granted, the sublessor will be responsible for all activities made on behalf of the sublessee, such as:

  • Payment of rent every month – Meaning that if the sublessee does not pay, the original tenant is held responsible for paying the landlord as stated in the original lease.
  • Damage to the Property – Due to the sublessor’s responsibility to the premises, it is highly recommended that he or she accept a Security Deposit when authorizing this agreement.
  • Vacating – If the sublessee does not vacate the premises at the required time, the sublessor will be held liable for any and all fees related to evicting the sublessee.

If the residential unit was built before 1978, the sublessee will need to be provided with the lead-based paint disclosure form as required by federal law.