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Rhode Island Sublease Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A Rhode Island sublease agreement is a real estate contract that is meant for a tenant, referred to as the ‘sublessor,’ who is under a fixed-term lease agreement and would like to lease the same property to someone else (the “sublessee”). Most standard lease agreements prohibit the use of subletting, so written permission from the landlord or property manager may be needed.

When drafting an agreement, the sublessor cannot write a sublease that extends further than the original lease with the landlord. The sublessor should also be aware that they will be held responsible and accountable for all actions by the sublessee, including but not limited to; rental payments, property damage, following the rules of the premises (if any), and vacating the property at the proper time.

  • If the building or unit was built before 1978, the sublessor will need to provide the sublessee the lead-based paint disclosure form to inform them of the possible existence of this hazard on the premises.