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Kentucky Sublease Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A Kentucky sublease agreement allows a tenant to rent their home to someone else, known as the “sub-tenant.” The sub-tenant can rent a part of or the entire space but often needs the landlord to consent before signing an agreement.

A sub-tenant after moving in, will have the same rights as a tenant. Therefore, it’s best to approve the individual through a rental application before agreeing to rent the property.

The Sublessor is directly responsible for all actions by the sublessee, including but not limited to;

  • Payments – If the sub-tenant does not pay, the original tenant is on the hook.
  • Damage – Make sure to collect a security deposit as the original tenant is liable for any repairs needed.
  • Vacating/Eviction – If at any time or at the end of the term, the sub-tenant does not leave the premises, the Sublessor is responsible for all legal costs for eviction