Kentucky Rental Lease Agreements

Kentucky rental agreements allow a lessor (landlord) to lease residential or commercial property to a lessee (tenant) in exchange for regular payments. The lessee must agree to the lessor’s terms, which may include the right to have pets, the prohibition of disruptive behavior, restrictions on entry to the property, and the obligation to pay a security deposit. Rental agreements can be for either residential or commercial properties. The landlord may require an application to review the tenant’s credentials and after approval submit a lease agreement for signature.

Laws – KRS Chapter 383

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A Kentucky residential lease agreement is between a landlord and a tenant for the renting of property for monthly rent and other obligations. Depending on the terms of the agreement, the landlord and tenant will be required to negotiate the following: Monthly rental amount ($); Utilities including: Electricity; Water; Heat; A/C; Landscaping; Parking fees; Security deposit; and Pet Deposit (if any) The landlord may ask…


A Kentucky month-to-month rental agreement allows a tenant and landlord to create a “tenancy at will” in which either party may change or void the agreement with at least thirty (30) days’ notice. The lease automatically renews every month as long as rent is paid by the tenant and the landlord is current with their terms of the contract. Table of Contents Forms (2) Standard…


A Kentucky rental application is a form that is used by a landlord to verify that a potential tenant is who they claim to be and will be able to pay their rent every month. The application allows the landlord to lookup the following; Employment Status and Income Background Information Credit Report Previous Landlords and any references that the tenant decides to use. The landlord…


AKentucky commercial lease agreement allows a landlord that owns retail, industrial, or office space to rent this space to a qualified tenant. There are many types of rental arrangements such as Triple Net (NNN), Gross, and Percentage leases that this contract may be modified to reflect as long as both parties are in agreement. Typically the tenant will make requests as to how they would…


A Kentucky sublease agreement allows a tenant to rent their home to someone else, known as the “sub-tenant.” The sub-tenant can rent a part of or the entire space but often needs the landlord to consent before signing an agreement. A sub-tenant, once moved in, will have the same rights as a tenant. Therefore, it’s best to approve the individual through a rental application before…


A Kentucky roommate agreement states the basic terms and conditions that should be documented when roommates have decided to enter a cohabiting situation. With this tool, the framework for organizing is to enter the facts relating to the current roommates and residence may be easily presented. Once such facts are entered and the document is signed, it will exert a binding power over the signature…