Kentucky Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

Version: Fillable Adobe PDF (.pdf) and Microsoft Word (.docx)
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The Kentucky Roommate Agreement states the basic terms and conditions that should be documented when roommates have decided to enter a cohabiting situation. With this tool, the framework for organizing where to enter the facts relating to the current roommates and residence may be easily presented. Once such facts are entered and the document is signed, it will exert a binding power over the signature parties. Notice that while all the roommates living in this residence should sign this document, the Landlord or true Property Owner does not. This form will relate only to the roommates themselves.

This document will serve nearly anyone seeking to solidify a roommate agreement. University Students, Independent Contractors, Travelers, etc., will be able to discuss and record what is being agreed to with the Master Tenant and the other roommates. Additionally, this form may be used for short term or long term living arrangements. Regardless of one’s circumstances, it is (generally) recommended to make sure that paperwork appropriate for this situation be employed.

Users of this form may download it directly from this page. Once all the terms have been determined and agreed upon, they should be entered directly onto this form in the appropriate areas. When it is time to print and sign it, make sure that enough copies have been produced. Each signature party should have a copy of this document for his or herrecords. Ultimately, since this document does not affect the Landlord (so long as it is not a breach of the Master Lease) it may be a good idea to keep this entity in the loop of who is living on the premises.

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