Kentucky Residential Lease Agreement – PDF Template

License / Price: Free
Version: Adobe PDF (.pdf)
File size: 170 Kb

The free Kentucky residential lease agreement can be downloaded and used for any livable space located in the State. The property owner (landlord) and lessee (tenant) will most likely negotiate the following terms and once agreed upon sign a lease agreement;

  • Monthly Rental Price
  • Utilities including:
    • Electricity
    • Water
    • Heat
    • A/C
    • Landscaping
  • Security Deposit
  • Pet Deposit (if any)

The landlord may ask to see the tenant’s credit information through an application and once he or she has been verified and approved an agreement may be created and ready to sign. Upon the lease signing, the tenant will need to bring any and all deposits in order to gain immediate access to the property.

Security Deposit Laws

Maximum Amount ($) – There is no state limit on the amount a landlord can charge their tenants for a security deposit.

Returning – Security deposits must be returned within sixty (60) days of the lease termination date (§ 383.580(6)).

Required Disclosures

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – If the building was made before January 1, 1978, the tenant must initial this document that acknowledges the possible presence of lead-based paint on the premises.

Authorized Access – The landlord is required to describe any individuals that are allowed onto the property including the owner, building manager, and agents in the lease agreement (§ 383.585).

Move in/Move Out Checklist – Before the tenant moves in, they must visit the property with the landlord and mark any property defects or sign a document stating that they wish to waive this right (§ 383.580).

Security Deposit Location – If there is a security deposit, state law requires the landlord to disclose where the deposit is being held, along with the bank account number (§ 383.580).

Rent Grace Period

Kentucky has no grace periods for rent payments. Rent must be paid at the exact time and place stated within the rental agreement (§ 383.565(2)).