Rhode Island Rental Lease Agreement Forms and Templates

The Rhode Island rental forms enable a person to legally occupy property for a specific period of time. The most common term is twelve (12) months but this may vary depending on the type of arrangement agreed upon by the parties. A landlord may want to view the tenant’s credit and history of renting property from other landlords to ensure that the space leased will be in fair condition at the time of move out and that monthly payments will be made on time. This can be accomplished by having the tenant fill in a rental application.

Laws – R.I. Gen. Laws § 34-18 (Residential Landlord and Tenant Act)

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The Rhode Island standard residential lease agreement is the most popular lease amongst landlords and tenants. It is a legally binding contract that sets up an ongoing arrangement where the lessee will pay rent to the lessor in exchange for the everyday use of the livable property. The fields of the form must be completed by both parties and, once it is signed, becomes enforceable. Once…


The Rhode Island month-to-month rental agreement, otherwise known as a “tenancy at will” agreement, permits a tenant to live in a residential unit on the basis of a real estate contract that has no end date (perpetual) but rent is due on a specific day every month. Upon acceptance by the landlord of said payment, the agreement continues for another thirty (30) day term. If the landlord…


The Rhode Island rental application is the main form used by landlords to screen and verify that a potential tenant is qualified to rent property. Every landlord has exposure when authorizing a lease in regards to having the possibility of a future eviction for nonpayment of rent. Therefore, a landlord will carefully view a tenant’s rental history with other owners/managers, background, credit, and employment information…


The Rhode Island move in – move out checklist is a form that protects both landlords and tenants from a future disagreement upon move out on any damage in the property. The form is completed when the landlord and tenant inspect the premises looking for any type of repairs needed so that a record of it can be made. Both parties will sign the form,…


The Rhode Island lead based paint disclosure form is used to identify that this type of hazardous paint may be in existence in a property constructed prior to 1978. Before the said date, this harmful paint was still widely in use and when it begins chipping or peeling off from the walls can be extremely dangerous to young children and pregnant mothers. Sample


The Rhode Island sublease agreement is a real estate contract that is meant for a tenant, referred to as the ‘sublessor,’ who is under a fixed term lease agreement and would like to lease the same property to someone else referred to as the ‘sublessee.’ Most standard lease agreements prohibit the use of subletting so written permission from the landlord or property manager may be needed….


The Rhode Island roommate agreement becomes a documented commitment between individuals living together in a shared rental property, once it is filled out and signed. This action solidifies an individual’s acknowledgement of terms with the binding power of a signature and should, thus, be taken seriously. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that all the signature parties will have to provide the…


The Rhode Island commercial lease agreement is a rental agreement between a property owner/manager and a tenant for the use of space intended for business purposes. The rental property may be used as office, retail, or industrial space by the tenant, and the landlord will usually have the interior renovated to suit the tenant’s needs. Because the landlord is often making an initial investment in…