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Rhode Island Standard Residential Lease Agreement – PDF Template

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The Rhode Island standard residential lease agreement is the most popular lease amongst landlords and tenants. It is a legally binding contract that sets up an ongoing arrangement where the lessee will pay rent to the lessor in exchange for the everyday use of the livable property. The fields of the form must be completed by both parties and, once it is signed, becomes enforceable. Once the tenant provides the Security Deposit (if required) and the first month of rent, he or she be given access to the property.
It is recommended that the landlord screen every new tenant through the application before authorizing any type of lease contract.
To protect both parties at the end of the lease, it is recommended that the move in checklist be used so that any damage that exists on the property may be identified. Therefore, the tenant will have proof that any pre-existing repairs needed will not be deducted from the Security Deposit at the end of the term.

Security Deposit Laws

Maximum Amount ($) – One (1) month’s rent (§ 34-18-19(a)).

Returning – Twenty (20) days (§ 34-18-19(b)). If payment is not delivered on time, the tenant may be entitled to twice the amount due (§ 34-18-19(c)).

Required Disclosures

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – Required disclosure for all buildings constructed before January 1, 1978.

Manager/Landlord Disclosure – Before, or on the date of, the start of a tenancy, the tenant must be given the name and address of the landlord, owner, or other authorized individual (§ 34-18-20).

Violation Notification – Tenants must be informed of all state and local housing code violations (§ 34-18-22.1).

Rent Grace Period

Tenants have fifteen (15) days to pay the full rent payment before the landlord is able to deliver a notice for non-payment of rent. If the tenant fails to provide payment within five (5) days from the date the notice was mailed, the landlord may initiate the eviction process (§ 34-18-35(a)).