South Dakota Rental Lease Agreements

South Dakota lease agreements allow a landlord and tenant to agree to the use of residential property in exchange for the monthly payment of rent. The landlord is advised to first run a credit check on the tenant to make sure they are available to pay the rent on a timely basis. If approved, a lease should be drafted and reviewed by the parties. Access to the premises shall be granted once all the necessary deposits have been made.

Laws – Chapter 43-32 (Lease of Real Property)

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The South Dakota residential rental agreement is a twelve (12) month term that can be filled in with the landlord, tenant, and property information along with the terms of the agreement between the parties. The most commonly negotiated parts of the transaction are the monthly payment amount, length of the contract, fees (parking, pet-related, etc.), utilities (electricity, water, cable, internet, etc.), and security deposits. Table…


The South Dakota month-to-month rental agreement is often called a “Tenancy at Will” due to the relaxed rental period agreed upon by the landlord and tenant. The contract is usually created with only a Security Deposit required by the tenant. Either party may alter or void the agreement with at least one (1) month’s notice (if any of the inhabitants are in the military, the…


A South Dakota rental application allows a landlord to verify whether a tenant is able to pay rent on the first (1st) of every month by checking their employment and income history. Also, if the landlord should choose, they may be able to lookup credit reports, background information, and contact prior landlords to see what kind of tenant the person was in the past. At the…


A South Dakota sublease agreement is for tenants seeking to leave a property or rent a portion of a property they currently have under agreement with a landlord. The person looking to rent from the tenant is known as the ‘Sublessee’ and the tenant the ‘Sublessor.’ Most standard agreements do not allow subletting without the written permission of the landlord or property manager. If consent…


A South Dakota roommate agreement outlines basic renting conditions and verifies that roommates consent to such rules while sharing a living space. The use of the agreement is always recommended regardless of whether the roommates are students in a dorm room or retirees seeking to save some money. There will be several key components in this document dealing with the specifics of the Rental Period,…


The South Dakota commercial lease agreement is a contract by which a landlord agrees to lease an industrial, commercial, or office property to a tenant in exchange for monthly payments. The document must include the term of the lease, the handling of expenses, and the amount that the tenant must pay each month for rent. The agreement may include the upfront payment of a security…