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A South Dakota month-to-month rental agreement is often called a “Tenancy at Will” due to the relaxed rental period agreed upon by the landlord and tenant. The contract is usually created with only a Security Deposit required by the tenant. Either party may alter or void the agreement with at least one (1) month’s notice (if any of the inhabitants are in the military, the landlord must give at least two (2) months’ notice).

The agreement must follow the same laws and requirements as a standard lease even though the contract is deemed a short-term arrangement. Therefore, it is recommended that before the landlord takes on a new tenant, their credentials should be verified through the rental application.

Minimum Termination Notice

The landlord or tenant should give at least one (1) month’s notice when terminating a monthly lease. However, if the landlord chooses to modify a lease, the tenant may terminate the lease effective the first day of the following rental period by notifying the landlord within fifteen (15) days of receiving the modification notice (§ 43-32-13).