Minnesota Month to Month Rental Agreement – PDF Template

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Under Minnesota law, ยง 504B.135, a landlord and tenant may enter into a monthly rental arrangement, otherwise known as a “Tenancy at Will”, whereas a lease agreement is made but may be altered or cancelled with thirty (30) days notice. The agreement is popular among short term renters as they may be able to stay as long as they would like and when they decide to move out it can be easily done with written notice to the landlord.

Often times a month to month will be created after a tenant has been on the premises for a one (1) year period and decides not to renew for another fixed term.

The landlord should take the same precautionary measures before authorizing a month to month agreement as a long term because the laws on evicting are the same. Therefore, the same costs and legal exposure awaits a landlord if the tenant fails to pay or refuses to vacate at the end of the term.

  • If the residential unit was built prior to 1978, the landlord will need to supply the lead paint disclosure and have the lessee authorize. After signing the form will need to be attached to the original agreement.