Minnesota Rental Lease Agreements

Minnesota lease agreements are contracts between a landlord and tenant for the renting of commercial or residential property. Both parties are bound to the agreement until the end of its term or until either party terminates (if allowed). The landlord is advised to conduct a thorough screening of a tenant before signing a lease to verify their creditworthiness.

Laws – Chapter 504B – Landlord and Tenant and Attorney General’s Guide for Landlords and Tenants – Rights and Responsibilities

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A Minnesota residential lease agreement is a form that allows a person to be able to rent from a landlord for a fixed period amount of time (usually twelve (12) months). The landlord or property manager will usually first take the credit and rental history of the potential tenant through a rental application to make sure he or she is able to pay rent every…


A Minnesota rental application legally permits a property manager or owner to check and verify a person’s credit, leasing history, background, and employment (including income) to qualify for a residential lease agreement. The landlord may accept a non-refundable fee for performing this service which also shows a level of real interest by the applicant. Although, it is advised for the property owner to not take…


A Minnesota month-to-month rental agreement, otherwise known as a “Tenancy at Will”, is a lease agreement that may be altered or canceled with three (3) months’ notice or the entire rental period to date, whichever is lesser. The agreement is popular among short term renters as they may be able to stay as long as they would like and when they decide to move out…


A Minnesota commercial lease agreement is for any entity or individual that would like to rent space (retail, office, or industrial) for business use. Rent can be decided by the property owner/landlord, however, it is often set on a price per square foot ($/SF) basis as every tenant usually requires a different fit up and custom layout. Due to the costs incurred by the landlord…


A Minnesota sublease agreement is used by a tenant that is looking to have someone else rent a portion or the entire space that he or she is currently leasing. The term for the sublease cannot be for a longer period of time than the original or “master” lease agreement. The original tenant or “Sublessor” is directly responsible for any new tenant or “Sublessee”. This…


A Mississippi roommate agreement gives prospective roommates the option of safely entering a living arrangement with each other. The security will originate from having a written agreement signed by all the roommates who have decided to agree to it. Each roommate should make sure they have reviewed the document thoroughly before providing a signature as the act of signing will bind them to terms listed…