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Minnesota Roommate Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A Mississippi roommate agreement gives prospective roommates the option of safely entering a living arrangement with each other. The security will originate from having a written agreement signed by all the roommates who have decided to agree to it. Each roommate should make sure they have reviewed the document thoroughly before providing a signature as the act of signing will bind them to terms listed on this contract form.

That being said there will be quite a few subjects to be covered in this document. At the core of it will be the basic transaction of trading money for the right to maintain the domicile for a predetermined amount of time. Additionally, will be the subject matter that would be considered intrinsic to day-to-day living. A good example would be a Med Student rooming with a retired couple, a post-grad student, and a retail employee. Each will naturally have their own concerns and the agreement may call for different portions for different utilities. With such a diverse group, it would be in everyone’s interests to have the terms and conditions clearly documented.

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