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Michigan Roommate Agreement | PDF

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A Michigan Roommate Agreement presents an organized manner to set the terms discussed by roommates to paper. This form has been structured to address issues ranging from the portion of the security deposit, rent, and utilities a roommate must pay to the cleaning schedule that has been agreed upon. The general language required to administer this agreement has been provided in the body of the form, however, some items that are specific to the situation (i.e. the identity of the roommates) will need to be physically provided by the individual tending to this form. Once all the information has been set into the appropriate areas, this document should be carefully reviewed by each roommate then signed.

It is important to note this agreement must remain within the limitations of the Master Lease. For instance, if a post-grad student has rented a unit for two years and intends to have roommates, he or she should not agree to a term of three years with the roommates. Simply put, only the Landlord may name a term for how long that unit will be rented for and this entity has no obligations to roommates who are not on the Master Lease. This form will, however, provide a certain peace of mind by documenting the rules roommates have agreed to live by when sharing a rental property.

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