Michigan Rental Lease Agreements

Michigan rental agreements can be used for the rental of any property in the State. The property owner (landlord) will commonly ask to verify the tenant’s credit information before entering into a contract. Once approved, the tenant will be asked to sign an agreement and pay the first months’ rent (and Security Deposit if the landlords chooses) to gain access to the property.

Laws – Michigan Compiled Laws – General Provisions, Landlord and Tenant Relationships, and the Truth in Renting Act

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A Michigan one (1) year residential lease agreement allows landlords and tenants to engage in a legally binding contract for the use of the property. Then fill in the blanks form if completed usually after both lessor (landlord) and lessee (tenant) agree to the terms and conditions of a rental contract. The most common terms that the lessor and lessee will go back and forth…


A Michigan month-to-month rental agreement (also known as an “estate at will”) is a legal contract between a landlord and a tenant to rent a property. In a monthly rental contract, the agreement is renewed with each monthly payment or until either party gives notice of termination. This type of agreement gives the landlord and tenant the flexibility to have a short-term arrangement and, in…


A Michigan rental application can be filled out by potential renter’s fill at a landlord’s request to make sure that they are capable of making their monthly payments on time. The form will take into account the applicant’s income, job, prior rental history, and any other references that they would like to include. This will give the lessor an ample amount of information to, therefore,…


A Michigan commercial lease agreement can be used by landlords seeking to lease a commercial property (retail, office, or industrial space) to a business for a long or fixed period of time. The landlord is highly recommended to demand a credit application for the business to ensure that if it does not make a profit, they have enough assets and funds to cover the rental…


A Michigan sublease agreement form is meant for tenants that hold a master lease with a landlord and would like to rent some or the entire property to someone else (sublessee). Typically the landlord or property manager will have to be notified of this arrangement or be asked permission as most standard lease agreements do not allow this type of tenancy. Once the sublessor has…


A Michigan Roommate Agreement presents an organized manner to set the terms discussed by roommates to paper. This form has been structured to address issues ranging from the portion of the security deposit, rent, and utilities a roommate must pay to the cleaning schedule that has been agreed upon. The general language required to administer this agreement has been provided in the body of the…