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A Minnesota rental application legally permits a property manager or owner to check and verify a person’s credit, leasing history, background, and employment (including income) to qualify for a residential lease agreement. The landlord may accept a non-refundable fee for performing this service which also shows a level of real interest by the applicant. Although, it is advised for the property owner to not take more than a couple of days to verify all the sources as the tenant could find another place to live.

Minnesota Rental Application Laws

A landlord CANNOT charge a rental fee if:

  • If no unit is available that the tenant is unaware of;
  • Deposit the fee until a decision has been made;
  • A consumer credit check is not performed by the landlord;

A landlord CAN charge an application fee if:

  • They give a receipt to the applicant;
  • Disclose on the rental application the screening fee;
  • Disclose parameters the landlord requires to be approved; and
  • Agrees to notify the tenant within 14 days of approval or rejection.

Maximum Application Fee ($)

There is no maximum that the landlord can charge in Minnesota for an application fee for a residential unit.