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An Oregon rental application is a form used by landlords to verify that a tenant can pay the rent and that he or she has a history of good credit. The landlord may charge a fee for providing this service, which serves a secondary purpose in that it enables them to see which tenants are serious about renting the property. Looking up the person’s credit, rental, and background history generally takes a few days after which point the landlord can choose to deny or accept the potential tenant.

Table of Contents

Applications (2)


City of Portland Rental Application

Download: Adobe PDF






Outside of Portland Rental Application

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Maximum Application Fee ($)

A landlord may charge a prospective tenant the equivalent of the costs related to the screening. A receipt is required to be shown to the applicant afterward. If the tenant applies for another residence owned or managed by the landlord, the applicant will not have to pay another fee for 60 days (ORS 90.295).