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A Maine rental application is used for landlords to verify a tenant to make sure that he or she is able to pay the monthly lease amount in a timely fashion (usually on the first (1st) of the month). All landlords try to make an effort as much as they can to avoid the process of going through an eviction. By having potential tenants fill out a rental application, the landlord may perform a verification of each individual’s credit, background, employment (past and present), monthly income, and rental history. Once the verification process has been completed, the landlord will be more confident in making a decision regarding the approval for a lease.

Reasons to Accept a Fee

A landlord will usually charge the tenant a non-refundable fee for two (2) reasons to conduct this service:

  1. It shows the applicant is serious about renting the property.
  2. To cover all costs associated with performing the credit/background check.

Maximum Application Fee ($)

There is no limit on what a landlord in Maine can charge an applicant when applying for housing.

Although, in the city of Portland there was a proposal in February, 2020 to ban rental application fees but was later struck down in April.