Oregon Rental Lease Agreements

Oregon rental lease agreements allow for a property owner and a tenant to create a rental contract over the use and occupation of a property. The document will serve as a point of reference for both parties, solidifying their rights and responsibilities. Once an agreement is authorized it becomes legally binding for both parties. Prior to presenting the agreement to the tenant, the landlord will often have them fill out a rental application.

Laws – Chapter 29 Residential Landlord and Tenant

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An Oregon month to month rental agreement allows a tenant to lease property from a residential landlord with a lease that can be canceled at any time with 30 days’ notice. The contract is structured to not have a set term but instead renews each time the tenant makes their monthly rental payment. The state laws surrounding the eviction process of a short term lease…


A Oregon residential lease agreement binds a landlord to rent a residence to a tenant while receiving monthly rent. A standard lease is a fixed period that is commonly for 1-year. The responsibilities of each landlord and tenant will be entered into the agreement in regard to utilities and services. In addition, the rules for the property including pets, smoking, waterbeds, and any other terms…


An Oregon rental application is a form used by landlords to verify that a tenant can pay the rent and that he or she has a history of good credit. The landlord may charge a fee for providing this service, which serves a secondary purpose in that it enables them to see which tenants are serious about renting the property. Looking up the person’s credit,…


An Oregon roommate agreement is between individuals living in a shared residence. The agreement outlines the rules of the property and when certain times are meant for peace and quiet. Whether the roommates have private or shared bedrooms, the common areas are to be shared by all the residents. Therefore, a roommate agreement allows the best chance for a mutually benefitting living situation. University of…


A Oregon sublease agreement is between a person that is under a lease agreement (sublessor) and a person that is seeking to rent a portion or the whole space (sublessee). The property owner usually must be notified if this is to occur as many leases forbid subleasing of property. If the landlord approves, it is recommended that the sublessor perform a credit and background check…


An Oregon commercial lease agreement is written to bind two (2) parties, a landlord and a tenant, to the terms and conditions associated with the renting of commercial real estate. Due to the lengthier term of a commercial lease, the landlord will generally conduct a thorough examination of the entity’s business practices and credit history to ensure that they’ll be reliable, long-term tenants. It is…