Oregon Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

License / Price: Free
Version: Fillable Adobe PDF (.pdf) and Microsoft Word (.docx)
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The Oregon Roommate Agreement, a reusable contract form, is designed for individuals solidifying previously discussed rules (for cohabitation in a rental unit) by recording them on a signed document. This level of organization usually proves very rewarding since it will afford each signature party the ability to easily refer to the original agreement should any unforeseen difficulties develop. For instance, if there are three post-grad students sharing a domicile and two parking spaces available, it will be very helpful to have an agreed upon parking arrangement already documented should one purchase his or her first car while the agreement is in effect. This form will allow for such subjects to be addressed because it focuses on the basic arrangements all roommates should discuss. It will also allow for provisions and/or limitations to be included. The basic subject matter involved when exchanging money for a domicile is at the heart of this template-form and will allow for each roommate’s responsibility to be assigned by name. This can be very useful especially in unique situations. For instance, a roommate may be responsible for more money if his or her room is drastically larger than the others and contains a private bathroom. Regardless of the situation the roommates find themselves discussing, it is crucial that any agreement discussed remain in full compliance with the Master Lease signed by the Master Tenant.