California Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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The California Roommate Agreement contains the necessary language to solidify the terms and conditions roommates wish everyone in the residence to adhere to during their time together. Regardless of whether is someone is a college student just starting out or an experienced renter, it is typically recommended to have living arrangements between two or more people cohabiting a premises clearly documented on paper. Topics that should be discussed and agreed upon should include Rent, Security Deposits, and Rental Period.

This form will also cover some of the areas that consist of the nuts and bolts of day-to-day living such as cleaning schedules or grocery shopping. Of course, other topics that may be more specific to a situation may be included (so long as they are legal) but all the items in this agreement should be solidified before the Signature Parties engage. After all, it will constitute a legal contract.

College/University Roommate Agreements