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Connecticut Roommate Agreement Template | PDF

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A Connecticut roommate agreement is a rental form that can be used to lay out the terms and conditions of a living arrangement between two (2) or more people. This type of agreement will not obligate the property owner or the landlord to any roommate who has not signed the Master Lease. The topics contained within this form are generally broad and touch upon several subjects. Ultimately this is a financial arrangement, so items such as rent amount and utility payments will be negotiated and put into writing. However, one must acknowledge the day-to-day activities, such as grocery storage or access to amenities, and make sure the agreement covers these provisions as well. This agreement is versatile enough to address the concerns of everyone from fresh college students to career professionals seeking to set each roommate’s responsibilities on paper. Once the terms have been negotiated and written down, all parties can sign the agreement, and it will be considered a legally binding contract.