Arizona Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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The Arizona Roommate Agreement provides a reliable framework to outline the various terms roommates should have on paper by the time they agree to co-exist in a residence. There may be many reasons for two or more people to enter a roommate situation ranging from the college student who wishes to save a little rent to a matter of convenience for someone who must often travel for their job (i.e. a teleprompter). Oftentimes, people in this situation wish for a written agreement to safeguard their interests but do not wish to necessarily enter onto a Master Lease and thus wish to keep a safe informal agreement strictly between the members of the household. This form will allow for such circumstances.

Topics on this form will range from the Security Deposit required to cleaning arrangements however, this form has been developed to maximize its versatility. Thus, while these topics will cover the majority of the basics, users are encouraged to add any terms that are specific to their agreement. So long as all the terms and conditions are present when this form is signed, it will provide each roommate with the sense of security that comes with reliable paperwork.