Arizona Rental Lease Agreement Forms and Templates

Download and complete the Arizona lease agreements that permit a property owner to enter into a binding arrangement with a renter (lessee or tenant) for residential or commercial property. The most common term is one (1) year but can be any time length as determined by both parties. These agreements are designed to protect both landlord and tenant and should be read over carefully before signed. After signatures are inscribed, the agreement becomes legally binding.

Laws – ARS Title 33, Chapter 10 (Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act)

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The Arizona residential lease agreement can be used to convey an arrangement in regard to the renting of a residential property. The contract is between a landlord and tenant for the occupation of livable space in which rent is paid every month until the end of the term (typically one (1) year). The landlord has the right to perform a credit and background check of…


The Arizona month-to-month lease agreement is a document used to solidify a rental arrangement between a tenant and landlord on a month-to-month basis. This is commonly used when tenants have completed a standard one (1) year term and wish to continue to rent from the landlord. The agreement may be valid as long as the tenant is paying rent on time and there have been…


The Arizona rental application form can be completed by a prospective tenant to check their credit prior to renting property to them. This is recommended to verify the tenant’s job, credit, and rental history with other landlord’s and management companies to ensure they are a suitable lessee. A fee may be charged for providing this service and it is a good idea for the landlord…


The Arizona move in/move out checklist allows a tenant and landlord to protect themselves by stating what damages may have occurred during the time the tenant was occupying the property. It is recommended that both parties make a thorough list of all damages at the beginning of the lease term and proceed once again at the end of the lease to see what damages (if…


The Arizona commercial lease agreement allows a landlord to rent property (retail, office, or industrial) to a qualified company or individual. The agreement states the rental amount in addition to who is expected to pay for the top expenses such as CAM’s (Common Area Maintenance), taxes, and insurance. After negotiating the monthly payment, the parties must decide on the term or length of the agreement….


The Arizona roommate agreement provides a reliable framework of the various terms roommates should have on paper in order to co-exist in a residence. There may be many reasons for two or more people to enter a roommate situation ranging from the college student who wishes to save a little rent to a matter of convenience for someone who must often travel for their job….


An Arizona sublease agreement is typically used in the university or urban areas of Arizona where a tenant is likely to be leasing property that they are already renting from a landlord. It is a good idea to check the original lease before doing this as most do not allow subleasing and, at the very least, the landlord must be aware of the arrangement (and…