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South Dakota Rental Application | PDF – MS Word

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South Dakota rental application allows a landlord to verify whether a tenant is able to pay rent on the first (1st) of every month by checking their employment and income history. Also, if the landlord should choose, they may be able to lookup credit reports, background information, and contact prior landlords to see what kind of tenant the person was in the past. At the landlord’s discretion, a fee may be charged for providing this service. This way, the landlord can also see how much interest the person has in the property.

Table of Contents

Applications (2)


Standard South Dakota Rental Application

Download: Adobe PDF, MS Word






South Dakota MultiHousing Assoc. Rental Application

Download: Adobe PDF





Maximum Application Fee ($)

In South Dakota, there is no maximum or limit to how much a landlord may charge a tenant for a fee on the rental application.