Wisconsin Sublease Agreement Form – PDF Template

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The Wisconsin sublease allows a tenant (“sublessor”) that is under a lease with a fixed term (“master lease”) be able to rent the same property to someone else (“sublessee”) in return for payment. This type of tenancy is common among college campuses and urban areas as it allows for roommates or for someone to occupy space while a person may be out of the area for a short while.

Most standard real estate contracts forbid subletting from use on the premises so the sublessor may have to receive written permission from the landlord acknowledging it is permitted. The sublessor should understand the following risks such as:

  • If rent is not paid the landlord is still owed their money
  • If the sublessee refuses to vacate the property it is up to the sublessor to get them out. This means that if an eviction is necessary it must be paid by the sublessor.
  • All damage accrued by the sublessee

If the rental unit was constructed before 1978, the sublessee must be notified of the potential existence of lead paint through the disclosure form.