Wisconsin Rental Lease Agreements (6 Types)

Wisconsin lease agreements are real estate contracts that bind a landlord and tenant over the use of a property. Each party must abide by the terms and conditions as written in the lease agreement. If either party breaks the lease, the other has the right to recover damages. The most common form of damage occurs when a tenant defaults by not paying rent and will thus be subject to eviction.

Laws – Wis. Stat. Ann. Ch. 704 (Landlord and Tenant) & Wis. Admin. Code Ch. ATCP 134 (Residential Rental Practices)

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A Wisconsin residential lease agreement is for tenants and landlords seeking a fixed agreement for the use of property in exchange for rent. The tenant typically makes payments on the 1st of every month and the term is commonly 12 months. Before authorizing an agreement, the landlord will usually want to check the tenant’s credit and income sources through the use of the rental application….


A Wisconsin rental application gives consent from an applicant to a landlord to perform a consumer report on them. This allows the landlord to use a screening company to check a person’s credit history, employment, and references. A landlord may charge a fee to the tenant for screening with a decision of approval within 24 to 72 hours. Table of Contents Applications (2) Standard Rental…


A Wisconsin month-to-month lease agreement allows a landlord to rent property to a tenant under the condition that either party may terminate the agreement, at any time, with twenty-eight (28) days’ notice. Even though the agreement is considered short-term, it must follow landlord-tenant laws (Chapter 704), and is recommended the tenant be screened through a rental application. If the housing unit was built prior to…


A Wisconsin sublease agreement allows a tenant (“sublessor”) who is under a lease with a fixed term (“master lease”) to be able to rent the same property to someone else (“sublessee”) in return for payment. This type of tenancy is common among college campuses and urban areas as it allows for roommates or for someone to occupy space while a person may be out of…


A Wisconsin roommate agreement is a contract between individuals in a shared living situation that outlines the rules of the premises. This type of form is a reusable template, so it may be utilized in a variety of roommate arrangements. Here, roommates, such as college friends in a dorm, may address quiet times, while a group of virtual strangers may address concerns regarding guest behavior….


A Wisconsin commercial lease agreement is a legal contract between a property owner/manager and a tenant who wishes to lease property for business purposes. A commercial lease is not only for retail businesses and can be used for entities operating out of industrial and office spaces as well. The agreement form will describe the property, the intended use of the premises, the lease term, and…