North Dakota Rental Lease Agreements

North Dakota rental agreements allow a tenant to enter into a contract with a landlord for the use of a property. The most common agreement is the one (1) year residential real estate agreement; however, there are forms that can accommodate almost any perceivable arrangement. It is advisable that the landlord screen their tenants prior to committing to ensuring that they are able to provide the monthly rent on schedule; this screening can be accomplished with a rental application form.

Laws – Chapter 47-16

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A North Dakota residential lease agreement is a standard twelve (12) month term agreement between a property owner/manager (landlord) and a person looking to occupy the space (tenant). The monthly rental payment from the tenant to the landlord is usually due on the first (1st) of each month although any stipulation on this can be relayed in the agreement. This contract between the lessee and…


A North Dakota month-to-month rental agreement allows for a tenant and landlord to create a rental arrangement with no end date that renews every month automatically upon payment. Although it is a short term rental arrangement, the terms and conditions must follow the State laws as if it were a standard one-year contract. This implies that the landlord faces the same liabilities as the lessor…


A North Dakota tenant rental application is primarily used by landlords to screen a possible tenant to make sure that he or she is able to afford the payment every month. The credit report obtained will provide the potential tenant’s creditworthiness and any outstanding debts large enough to prevent them from paying the monthly rent. It is a good idea to also check and edify…


A North Dakota sublease agreement is designated for tenants who are looking to re-rent their home or residential unit to someone else for the remainder of their lease term. The new tenant, or ‘sublessee’, does not have to rent the entire space and may decide to occupy a room or a portion of the living unit. The original tenant, or ‘sublessor’, is responsible for all…


A North Dakota roommate agreement is useful to roommates intent on producing a written report on the terms each party has agreed to. Once this form has been completed (with the information supplied by the preparer) and signed by each roommate, it will be considered a legal contract holding each signature party responsible for following the terms and conditions defined therein. The information supplied will…


A North Dakota commercial lease agreement is a legal document used to delineate an arrangement between a landlord of commercial real estate and a business entity occupying the space in exchange for monthly payments. The agreement form will feature fields wherein both parties can enter their information and define the terms of the lease including the length of term (usually three-five years), the cost of…