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Maryland Commercial Lease Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A Maryland commercial lease agreement is used for commercial property owners (retail, office, and industrial space) located in Maryland to collect monthly payments by renting their property to a tenant. There are two (3) major types of contracts;

  1. Gross Lease – The tenant pays a set monthly payment and the landlord covers all utility costs associated with the property.
  2. Modified Gross Lease – The tenant pays a set monthly rent amount as well as a portion of the extra costs associated with the property.
  3. Triple Net Lease – The tenant pays the landlord a fixed monthly payment as well as all expenses associated with the property including the utilities, taxes, insurance, and common area maintenance.

The most common length of this type of agreement is three (3) years but may be any time as negotiated by the parties. Once the agreement is signed by both parties, the document is legally binding. On longer-term leases, it is recommended to have a notary public acknowledge all signatures to protect all parties involved.

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word 

Maryland Business Entity Search – This Maryland government web portal can help landlords look into any business interested in renting a commercial property from them.