Maryland Rental Lease Agreements

Maryland lease agreements legally bind a person (tenant) looking to rent residential or commercial space and a person who owns it (landlord). It is advocated that the landlord screen all potential tenants through the use of the rental application. This will help verify each person’s credit and background in order to avoid any future eviction. Most rental agreements are annual or month-to-month, however, they can also be weekly or as otherwise defined in the agreement.

Laws – Maryland Code, Real Property, Title 8 – Landlord and Tenant (see also Attorney General’s guide for Landlords and Tenants)

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A Maryland residential lease agreement lets a landlord and tenant enter into a binding rental arrangement for the use of a livable property. The tenant is recommended to be screened by the landlord by completing the rental application and after a careful analysis will the negotiations for the lease begin. Depending on the tenant’s credit, he or she will have to put up a Security…


A Maryland rental application allows a property owner to verify a tenant to see if he or she is creditworthy enough to enter a binding lease agreement. The main focus on the application will primarily be the monthly income and when checking the credit report to make sure that there are not any outstanding debts that would not allow the tenant to make the monthly rent…


A Maryland month-to-month lease agreement allows a tenant to rent on a monthly basis and renews every thirty (30) days by payment by the lessee on the due date. Landlord or tenant may choose to modify or void the agreement altogether by giving the other notice of at least one (1) month. The landlord should view the tenant with the same regard as a standard…


A Maryland commercial lease agreement is used for commercial property owners (retail, office, and industrial space) located in Maryland to collect monthly payments by renting their property to a tenant. There are two (3) major types of contracts; Gross Lease – The tenant pays a set monthly payment and the landlord covers all utility costs associated with the property. Modified Gross Lease – The tenant…


A Maryland sublease agreement form lets a tenant currently under a lease be able to rent the property to someone else (sublessee). The tenant may either rent a part or the entire space to the sublessee or in return receive any rent amount (does not have to be the same as the rent in the original lease agreement). The original tenant should be aware that…


A Maryland roommate agreement is amongst the individuals living on the premises outlining the rent, chores, and other rules of the property. It is best to know all the roommates and to know their financial background through a rental application if they are not on the lease agreement with the landlord. Each roommate is typically given a private or shared bedroom with common areas such…