Maryland Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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The Maryland Roommate Agreement should be employed as a measure of good record keeping between individuals living in the same residence. This practice is highly recommended whenever an individual exchanges money for the right to maintain a domicile in a rented property. Typically, a lease will be held between a tenant and a property owner. In this form, the agreement will exist between roommates and exclude the Property Owner or Landlord.

This form will cover the bare bone subjects held in most leases along with roommate considerations that would apply to everyone from a college student to a stock broker. Topics such as how much each individual pays for a utility or amenity should be discussed fully as they will affect the day-to-day life of each roommate. In fact, this form will also allow for additional provisions to be included just in case the situation is particularly unique. It is important to be all inclusive in such an agreement since each roommate signing it will be responsible for following it.

As mentioned before, this agreement excludes the Landlord. This means the Landlord holds no responsibilities to the individuals he or she has not signed a lease with. As a result, when filling this form out, make sure the details conform to those of the Master Lease.