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Alabama Roommate Agreement Template | PDF – Word

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An Alabama roommate agreement is a document that is between the guests of a property that is rented by a landlord. The agreement is only between the guests, with the landlord being held harmless of any liability. The individual(s) listed as the tenant(s) on the original or master lease is the only person that will be held liable in any eviction action. Otherwise, it is up to the listed tenant(s) to keep the roommates accountable and in compliance.

The contract should list all terms and conditions in relation to which specific rooms each individual will be living in as well as the rules for all common areas such as:

  • Cleaning – Will there be shared times or a house cleaner?
  • Quiet Times – Will there be no noise allowed after a certain time in the evening?
  • Guests – How many and how long may guests be able to stay on the premises?

There may also be any other terms and conditions added by the parties as long as it is agreed upon by each roommate.

College/University – It is fairly common for college students to agree with their suite-mates or roommates to establish study times when guests can come over, and any other subjects to be addressed with living together.