Arkansas Commercial Lease Agreement – Word Template

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The Arkansas commercial lease agreement can be used by a company or individual intent on legally renting property to an interested party. Typically, a landlord will rent on a per square foot (SF) basis and the lease will be one of the following;

Gross Lease – A fixed amount that the tenant must pay on a monthly basis until the end of the term.

Modified Gross – A fixed amount of rent that the tenant must pay along with some of the expenses related to the property such as utilities.

Triple Net (NNN) – A fixed amount of rent to be paid every month along with every expense that is related to the property which includes (but not limited to) utilities, real estate taxes, common area maintenance (CAM’s), and insurance.

A standard length is three (3) years but may be any term as decided among the tenant and landlord. It is recommended that the signatures be witnessed by a notary public to protect both parties.