Arkansas Rental Lease Agreements

Arkansas lease agreements let a tenant enter into a binding agreement with a landlord for renting of commercial or residential property. The agreement is written after the rent has been negotiated and a rental application has been submitted. If approved, the tenant will be asked to sign and pay the 1st month’s rent, last month’s rent, and any security deposit.

Laws – Title 18, Subtitle 2, Chapter 17 (Arkansas Residential Landlord-Tenant Act of 2007) (Code of Arkansas Public Access)

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The Arkansas residential lease agreement made between a landlord and tenant that allows the renting of property in exchange for monthly rent. A residential lease agreement is typically a twelve (12) month arrangement but, in certain cases, it can be less or more than a year. After being verified through an application, the lessee will be subject to paying deposits and rent upfront (depending on…


The Arkansas month-to-month rental agreement can be used if a landlord has an available residential unit that they are looking to lease to a prospective tenant. The agreement is only valid every thirty (30) days and renews for another month every time the tenant makes the payment. Either party may void or change the terms of the contract with written notice (exact time of how much…


The Arkansas rental application form is used by a property owner to review a potential tenant’s credentials to see if they qualify for a lease agreement. The applicant must enter their information into the form including financial information, personal information, employment history, and other pertinent material. After signing the last page (giving the landlord permission to perform credit and background searches), the applicant will submit the…


The Arkansas commercial lease agreement can be used by a company or individual seeking to legally rent property from a landlord for business use. Typically, a landlord will determine the rent payment on a per-square-foot basis. A standard length for the contract is three (3) years but it may be any term as decided by the tenant and landlord. When executing the document, it is…


The Arkansas sublease agreement is a rental contract between a tenant and sub-tenant of a property. The original contract remains valid and the original tenant must keep paying the landlord until the end of the term. However, the original tenant under this arrangement may offer to rent the entire property, or a part thereof, to an interested party. Seeing as the original tenant must keep…


The Arkansas roommate agreement is a set of predetermined considerations that are developed and agreed upon in writing by roommates who intend to share a domicile. It is usually recommended that the parties create rules for the arrangement, such as rent due date, responsibilities, and how to divide the security deposit. This type of form is ideal for those who wish to have the arrangement…