Arkansas Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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The Arkansas Roommate Agreement is a set of predetermined considerations that roommates who intend to share a domicile should develop and agree to in writing. It is usually recommended for most individuals to set out rules such as when the rent is due, who is responsible for what, and what portion of the Security Deposit must each tenant pay. This type of form is ideal for those who wish to have a preset set of definitions that may be altered from time to time. Thus, first time residential leasers, such as college who wish to rent a room or enter a Master Lease on behalf of a group of friends should use this document for their own protection as well as the peace of mind of the other renters.

It should be noted that while this form will supply much of the necessary language, it will need the specifics to the situation entered. This may differ from co-renter to co-renter but must be compliant with the Master Lease. As such, keep in mind that any conditions, terms, and rental periods entered onto this form may not supersede those of the Master Lease held with the Master Tenant.