Iowa Rental Lease Agreements (6 Types)

Iowa lease agreements allow a property owner or manager (“landlord”) to rent residential or commercial space to someone else (“tenant”) in exchange for monthly payment. The most common rental contract is the standard residential lease which is a fixed-term agreement for a 1-year period.

It is recommended that the landlord or representative check all potential tenants through the use of the rental application to make sure the person’s income and employment are verified.

Laws – Chapter 562A (Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Law)

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An Iowa residential lease agreement is a contract between a landlord and tenant by which the tenant will reside on the landlord’s property in return for monthly rental payments (usually due on the first (1st) day of each month). The landlord may ask for the tenant to complete a rental application before signing to make sure that all income and background reports come back positive….


An Iowa month-to-month lease agreement is an agreement in which the landlord and tenant have a rental arrangement that renews after a thirty (30) day period. Either party may alter or terminate the agreement with one (1) month’s written notice. All the laws in relation to lease agreements within the State still apply, and if either party defaults on the rental agreement, it may be…


An Iowa lease application allows a property owner (lessor) to verify a likely tenant (lessee) to see if he or she qualifies for a fixed lease agreement. The main areas that the lessor may want to cover are: Employment – Check the title of the job and, most importantly, the income to make sure the rental amount is affordable. Also, it may help to ask…


An Iowa commercial lease agreement is for any property that is used for retail, office, or industrial purposes. This type of agreement should be reviewed by an attorney as there is usually more money involved than with a residential lease agreement. Most commonly, the landlord will have to provide a space with a minimally finished interior (called a ‘vanilla box’) for the space requested. The…


An Iowa sublease agreement is meant for tenants who want to rent a portion or all of their living unit to another individual. The sublease term cannot be longer than the lease agreement (unless the landlord agrees). Furthermore, the original tenant (sublessor) is responsible for the new tenant (sublessee) in the event of non-payment or eviction. No matter what happens, the sublessor is responsible to…


An Iowa Roommate Agreement is used to record the details of a living arrangement that two (2) or more roommates intend on entering. It is important to record specifics such as when rent is due or how much of the security deposit each roommate must supply. The act of recording such information serves as a safeguard against potential confusion down the line on what was…