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An Iowa residential lease agreement is a contract between a landlord and tenant by which the tenant will reside on the landlord’s property in return for monthly rental payments (usually due on the first (1st) day of each month). The landlord may ask for the tenant to complete a rental application before signing to make sure that all income and background reports come back positive. Some landlords will charge a fee for this service and show the leasing party’s interest in the property.

Depending on the landlord’s requirements, the tenant may be required to pay up to two (2) months’ security deposit and first (1st) and last month’s rent.

Rental Application – Use to verify the applicant before signing a lease.

Table of Contents

Forms (2)


Standard Residential Lease Agreement

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Iowa Assoc. of Realtors Lease Agreement

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Security Deposit Laws

Maximum Amount ($) – Tenants can be required to pay a security deposit up to an amount that is equal to two (2) months’ rent (§ 562A.12).

Returning – Unless the landlord is justified in withholding all or part of the security deposit due to damaged property or other expenses, they must return the tenant’s security deposit within thirty (30) days from the date that the property is vacated (§ 562A.12(3)(a)).

Required Disclosures

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – If the residence was built prior to 1978, this document must be attached to the lease and signed by the tenant.

Agent/Landlord Identification – The landlord must provide the tenant with a list of anyone who is authorized to act in their place (§ 562A.13).

Shared Utilities – Unless the tenant will be directly paying their own utility bills, the landlord must disclose the utility rates, charges, and services to them (§ 562A.13).

Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Information System – The landlord is required by state law to give the tenant advance notice if their property is listed in the comprehensive environmental response compensation and liability information system maintained by the federal environmental protection agency (§ 562A.13).

Rent Grace Period

Iowa has no rent grace period. Therefore, rent must be paid in accordance with the rental agreement. If the tenant is late on a rental payment by one (1) day or more, they may be charged a late fee of up to $20 per day (§§ 562A.9(4)).

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