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An Iowa month-to-month lease agreement is an agreement in which the landlord and tenant have a rental arrangement that renews after a thirty (30) day period. Either party may alter or terminate the agreement with one (1) month’s written notice. All the laws in relation to lease agreements within the State still apply, and if either party defaults on the rental agreement, it may be broken.

The landlord is recommended to take the same protocols with monthly tenants, as it would be a long-term residential lease agreement. Verification of the person’s employment, income, credit, and rental history should be viewed after the tenant fills in the rental application. At the very least, one month’s rent for a security deposit should be required for any damage incurred during the term.

Minimum Termination Notice

State law permits both the landlord and the tenant to terminate a monthly lease agreement with at least thirty (30) days’ notice (§ 562A.34).