Wyoming Month to Month Rental Agreement

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The Wyoming month to month rental agreement is between a landlord and tenant that allows for an arrangement where either party may change the contract at anytime with thirty (30) days’ notice. The agreement is usually between short-term lessee’s or if the original lease has expired and the individual would like to remain on the residential property.

Laws – There are no State statues on file although 30 days’ notice is recommended.

Even though the landlord may decide to cancel the agreement with one month’s notice, the same eviction risk remains in effect as if it were a long term arrangement. Therefore, it is advised that the landlord screen every tenant to verify their income is capable of paying rent every month.

  • If the structure on the premises was built before 1978, federal law requires that the lead based paint disclosure be attached to the lease and signed by the tenant.
  • If the landlord is requiring the tenant to pay a Security Deposit, it is recommended that a move-in checklist be provided so that the individual does not be wrongfully accused for damage that currently exists on the property.