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Iowa Rental Application | PDF – MS Word

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An Iowa lease application allows a property owner (lessor) to verify a likely tenant (lessee) to see if he or she qualifies for a fixed lease agreement. The main areas that the lessor may want to cover are:

  • Employment – Check the title of the job and, most importantly, the income to make sure the rental amount is affordable. Also, it may help to ask the employer to see what kind of personality the lessee has and if he or she would personally recommend them as a tenant.
  • Credit Report – Make sure the person has no outstanding debts that may affect his or her ability to pay the amount due each month.
  • Background Check – Use this verification to look up any criminal past the person may have had in the past and any present or current convictions.
  • Previous Landlords – The best way to see how a tenant will act is to ask his or her prior lessors. They will usually be honest about if rent was paid on time and if there was any damage left on the property.

The landlord may charge a non-refundable fee for this service and should get back to the potential lessee within a couple of days.

Maximum Application Fee ($)

There is no law restricting the amount the landlord may accept for an application fee for a rental property.