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Tennessee Roommate Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A Tennessee roommate agreement ensures that a set of rules that must be obeyed in a shared rental property. A signature of acknowledgment is a binding item when placed on any document. It signifies the signer’s comprehension and consent to the terms listed within the signed document. The template form provided here will state the terms pertaining to a roommate living arrangement. Items such as an individual’s share of utilities, rent, security, amenities fees, and household chores will be addressed. Typically, a Master Lease will not deal with these items as they do not concern the Landlord except in extreme situations. However, a separate roommate agreement such as this one will provide the participating roommates with a written record of their arrangement that is authenticated by each one’s signature.

There are many instances when this agreement may come in play such as off-campus housing for university students or when living in an expensive neighborhood otherwise outside of a roommate’s budget. In any and all cases, the agreement being drawn up should be an honest representation of each participating roommate’s abilities and expectations. This level of cooperation will promote an amicable living situation that will serve the security of everyone’s interests.