New Mexico Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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Version: Fillable Adobe PDF (.pdf) and Microsoft Word (.docx)
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The New Mexico Roommate Agreement administers the wording required for documenting the living arrangements discussed by two or more individuals who will co-exist in a living arrangement. Here, several topics will be covered to adequately outline the terms each has agreed to. For instance, a Med Student may be very interested in having a defined study time defined in a written lease. The basic terms of any lease will also be covered in this form. For instance, the preparer of this document will  be required to define the rent amount, the due date, and a host of other standard subjects. The purpose of this form will be to provide each roommate with a signed agreement where each individual’s obligations are outlined. This acts as both a sense of security and a guideline or rule book for the shared rental property.

It should be noted; this form does not consider the Landlord. To be clear, the only the individual(s) who has signed or holds a lease agreement with the Landlord or Property Owner may hold this party responsible. Furthermore, the Master Tenant(s) is also the party responsible for upholding the Master Lease. It is easy to see how a signed roommate agreement provides security for Roommates not on the Master Lease and who are on the Master Lease as it will solidify everyone’s intent to obey the conditions set forth.

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