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Nevada Roommate Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A Nevada roommate agreement administers a set of documented terms to a rental property shared by two or more individuals. This document will apply the terms and conditions of a basic rental agreement to a roommate agreement by supplying designated areas for a roommate’s information to be reported. In this way, it will document who has agreed to pay how much rent for how long with a discussion on subjects regarding day-to-day living (i.e. refrigerator storage). There will also be enough flexibility to define the individual terms for each roommate. For instance, a college student without a car may not wish to be responsible for paying a portion of the monthly parking fee. Such an issue may be addressed using this document.

In preparation for filling out this form, all parties should ensure the lines of communication are open during negotiations. All conditions contained should be agreed upon before filling out and signing this form. This will promote a favorable agreement that is well within everyone’s ability to uphold and may be executed properly and thus, remain pleasantly stable.

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