Missouri Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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The Missouri Roommate Agreement is a legal contract binding all Signature Parties to the terms documented within it and the shared rental property. This acts as a reliable form of insurance that all the roommates, providing their signature, have consented to following the terms and conditions in this document. Additionally, and fundamentally, this document also acts as a guideline as to what was originally agreed to, the responsibilities assigned to each individual, as well as the considerations each individual may expect.

The terms entered here will be specific to the situation and must be entered or filled into predetermined areas. This form will afford a certain amount of versatility as many different roommate situations exist and may vary by circumstance. For instance, a couple may be expected to contribute more to the Utilities Bill than a single college student who is rarely home. So long as the terms entered are within the constraints as that placed on the Master Tenant by the Master Lease he or she signed, this document will prove to be valid and useful once it is signed.

This form may be considered a re-usable template. That is, the basic language that should be present in any respectable agreement has been supplied, leaving ample room for additions or restrictions to be named. If any attachments must be executed with this agreement, make sure they are also signed and dated by each of this document’s Signature Parties.

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