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Idaho Rental Application | PDF

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An Idaho rental application can be used by landlords to verify a person’s credit and employment information before entering into a rental agreement. This form, once completed and signed by the potential lessee, gives the landlord the unlimited rights to check any of the information that is filled in. The most important being the amount of income he or she receives in a weekly or monthly period. This will easily show if the person can afford to pay the amount every month. The landlord is allowed to require a non-refundable fee for this service and the tenant should be notified as soon as the process is complete. If they are approved for a lease, a lease agreement will be sent to them.

Maximum Application Fee ($)

Under State law, there is no maximum application fee a landlord may charge to a prospective tenant. Although, the City of Boise, effective December 17, 2019, passed Ordinance NO. ORD-56-19 which does not allow for application fees to be more than $30.