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Louisiana Residential Lease Agreement | PDF

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The Louisiana residential lease agreement legally binds a landlord (lessor) and a person seeking to rent (lessee) into a contract for the possession of real estate for a fixed period of time. The agreement is usually signed with the first (1st) month’s rent paid and a Security Deposit (to be decided by the landlord but usually equal to a monthly installment of rent), and both parties must uphold their terms until the end date.

The landlord, at their sole discretion, may charge a non-refundable fee and require the tenant to complete a credit application before agreeing to any type of agreement. This way, the landlord can avoid the possibility of a future eviction by reviewing the tenant’s employment, income, credit report, previous rental history, and references provided.

Table of Contents

Forms (3)

Standard Residential Lease Agreement – Version 1

Download: Adobe PDF





Standard Residential Lease Agreement – Version 2

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New Orleans Metro Assoc. of REALTORS® Lease Agreement

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Security Deposit Laws

Maximum Amount ($) –  There is no state-mandated limit for security deposits.

Returning – The security deposit must be returned within one (1) month of the tenancy’s termination date (§ 9:3251)

Required Disclosures

Lead-Based Paint – If the rental property was developed before 1978, the landlord must have the tenant sign a disclosure form that states the possible (or known) presence of lead-based paint.

Rent Grace Period

There is no rent grace period for tenants in the State. Rent must be paid at the beginning of each rent-paying term or as stated in the lease (CC 2703).

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