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A Montana residential lease agreement is a real estate contract designated for property owners and managers to make with tenants. To start, an owner will usually want to see some credentials through a rental application which will entail all of the potential lessee’s credit, background, income, and employment information. After a careful review of all these details, the owner may approve the person and instruct that a lease agreement be drafted for the property of interest.

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Forms (2)


Standard Residential Lease Agreement

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Montana Assoc. of Realtors Lease Agreement

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Security Deposit Laws

Maximum Amount ($) – There is no limit on the amount that landlords can demand tenants to pay for security deposits.

Returning – The landlord has ten (10) days from the end of occupancy to return the tenant’s security deposit and thirty (30) days to give a statement of deductions with the remainder (§ 70-25-202).

Required Disclosures

Mold Disclosure – Landlords must include a statement that describes the dangers of mold. If there has been a history of mold being present on the property, the lessor must disclose this in writing to the tenant (§ 70-16-703).

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – When renting any property that was built before 1978, the lessor must give potential lessees a statement that discloses the presence of lead paint and its potential risks.

Move-in Checklist – If the landlord requires a security deposit, they must give the tenant a signed checklist that describes the landlord’s property and the current condition of the unit (§ 70-25-206).

Landlord/Manager/Agent Identification – The landlord must give the tenant a description of all individuals who are permitted to enter the property, along with an address where notices can be sent (§ 70-24-301).

Rent Grace Period

There is no grace period in Montana. Tenants are required to pay rent without demand or notice as directed in the lease agreement (§ 70-24-201(2)).

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