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Montana Rental Application | PDF

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A Montana rental application is a verification tool used to make sure that a potential tenant is who he or she claims to be and can afford the rental payment every month. The application may have a required fee (decided by the property owner or manager) and typically the turnaround time is two (2) to three (3) days to get the tenant an answer on approval. The most important quality the landlord should seek is to verify the tenant’s income and previous landlords he or she has rented from. This will give the best picture of what to expect from the tenant in the future.

Rental Applications (2)


Montana Landlord’s Association Rental Application

Download: Adobe PDF






Montana Assoc. of Realtors Rental Application

Download: Adobe PDF





Maximum Application Fee ($)

In Montana, there is no statute stating a landlord is limited to how much they can charge a tenant for conducting a credit check.