Nebraska Rental Lease Agreements

Nebraska rental agreements allow a person (tenant) to lease a property from a landlord in return for monthly payment (rent). The rent is typically due on the 1st of every month. The agreement is commonly signed after a rental application is completed and a credit screening is conducted.

Laws – Article 14, Landlord and Tenant.

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A Nebraska residential lease agreement is for a fixed-term between a landlord and tenant for the renting of property for monthly payments. It is advised that the landlord get the tenant’s credit information (through a rental application) before authorizing an agreement to make sure that the person has a job and no outstanding debts that would prohibit the payment of rent. After a thorough analysis…


A Nebraska month-to-month lease agreement is a real estate contract that allows a person to be able to occupy and lease property on a continuous basis which restarts every thirty (30) days upon the payment of rent. Either lessor or lessee may change or terminate the contract with at least one (1) month’s notice to the other party. The landlord will usually take this type…


A Nebraska rental application is a way for a landlord, property manager or sublessor to screen any potential tenants before entering into a binding real estate contract. The most important areas of verification are the following; Weekly or monthly income Time at current and previous jobs Speaking with previous landlords Credit report Background check After a thorough investigation of the tenant’s information, the lessor will…


A Nebraska Move-In Checklist is used by a tenant upon moving in or inspecting a potential property for existing damage to ensure that they do not get billed for the repairs following their tenancy. The landlord will usually review the premises at the end marking down any new (if any) fixes that are needed. The tenant is recommended to keep a copy and hold onto…


A Nebraska sublease agreement is a real estate contract wherein the initial tenant decides to lease the property to someone else (sublessee). The rent charged to the sublessee may be any amount and has no relation to the amount paid in the original lease agreement between the original tenant and landlord. It is the original tenant’s sole responsibility to make sure the landlord continues to…


A Nebraska Roommate Agreement, a template-form, delivers a concrete structure for the necessary language of a rental agreement. This particular agreement will be focused specifically on a rental shared by Roommates. That is, the contained language will not obligate the Landlord in any way, only the Roommates that sign it. With this in mind, it should be mentioned to make sure the information being entered…


A Nebraska commercial lease agreement details an arrangement wherein a landlord agrees to rent out their industrial, retail, or office space to a business tenant in exchange for monthly rent. The agreement goes into detail defining the relationship between both parties, their rights, their responsibilities, and the liability each adopts in signing the contract. Defined in the agreement are the three (3) types of commercial agreements;…